Friday Favorites #35

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope you all had a great week! Today I’m linking up with Erika for another edition of Friday Favorites. So here is my little random list of favorite things from this week:


My first favorite of the week is our trip to the pumpkin patch!! We were so excited to check out Orr Family Farm because we’d heard great things about it. It’s a huge place with a little train, tractor rides, a zip line, a petting zoo, a corn maze, and more.

We took some pictures with the pumpkins as we first walked in. Doesn’t the sky look pretty in the background? I swear, the sunsets in Oklahoma are amazing.

Cooper’s favorite part about this place was the corn maze. He was really excited to do this because it’s a big maze! Previously we’ve only been in little mini-corn mazes(giant fields of corn aren’t as easily found in Southern California 😆). We wandered around the corn field for about 20 minutes and then we found our way out…only to realize we came out the entrance. We went back in and tried to find the proper exit, but we were unsuccessful, and it was starting to get dark, so we had to give up. We promised Cooper we’d come back another day and try to successfully conquer the corn maze.


My next favorite of the week is our trip to Scissortail Park.

This park is right in the middle of downtown Oklahoma City and it’s gorgeous! It’s a huge park with an amazing playground that has all of these cool climbing structures. Cooper spent well over an hour here and he still didn’t want to leave the playground!

We also grabbed lunch while we were here. On Sundays, the park host Food Truck Sundays so we headed to where the food trucks line up. We were really excited to see the Cousin’s Maine Lobster truck! We’ve been wanting to eat at one of these food trucks ever since we saw them on Shark Tank years ago. We ordered the Connecticut style lobster roll(which means that it’s served warm with butter), a lobster bisque, and a whoopie pie. Everything was delicious!

Just the idea of ordering from a food truck seems fun to me. I definitely see us visiting this park for Food Truck Sundays in the future.

After lunch we went for a walk across the bridge and we passed an outdoor roller-skating rink! Cooper really wanted to give it a try, so we did.

I only made it around the rink twice before I decided I better get the skates off my feet 😆 I am waaay out of practice and I was terrified of falling and getting hurt. Cooper did great though- he fell a couple times, but got right back up.

If you visit OKC I highly recommend this park! We can’t wait to go back. Next time we want to rent one of those peddle boat on the lake.


My third favorite this week goes to one of my favorite stores: Trader Joe’s! I can’t believe we’ve been in our house for a month and I just went on my first Trader Joe’s shopping trip! Needless to say, my cart was very full! I had a bunch of items that we needed to stock up on. Also, pumpkins of course! The store has a really cute Fall display out front, and Cooper was sweet about posing for a picture for me.

We bought a big assortment of goodies but a couple favorites are pictured below:

I like to slice the chicken sausage up, pan fry it so it gets a little crispy, and mix it will penne pasta and a jar of that pasta sauce. It makes for a quick and delicious dinner! We eat that at least twice a month.

The pumpkin bisque and pumpkin muffin mix are things I have to get every Fall. They’re so good!

We also picked out some new-to-us goodies:

We haven’t tried the pumpkin rolls yet, but the rest of these items are DELICIOUS! Especially the cake. So good!

Speaking of good, have you guys tried this pepper jelly? This is a staple in our house.

It’s so good on a cheese board- I like to put it on mozzarella and salami. It is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. If you like to do cheese boards for dinner, it’s a great addition. The label suggests pouring it over a block of cream cheese and serving it with crackers. We haven’t tried that, but I’m sure it would be good! Give it a try- it sounds strange, but it’s delicious.

We also buy one of these every year:

We have such a fun time building it together. It’s become a Halloween tradition.

Trader Joe’s is a definite favorite!


My last favorite of the week is going to be my new kitchen stuff! It’s just a few items from the Pioneer Woman’s line at Walmart. Simple things, but they make me happy!

I also bought her drawer liners for all of my kitchen drawers.

I love the cheerful floral designs on her pieces. Her line has a lot of cute stuff and it’s all priced really reasonably. I’ve bought a lot of it over the years and I’venever been disappointed in the quality of anything. If you’re looking for some functional pieces to brighten up your kitchen, I’d suggest checking out her line.


That’s going to be it for my list of favorites this week. Thank you for reading along! Don’t forget to link up if you blog too. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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