Our Halloween House! πŸŽƒ

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great October so far. As you probably already know, we like to celebrate all things Fall in a big way. So we have been in full Halloween mode since right around the end of September. Cooper asked if I could have our decorations all set up by his birthday(which is September 28), and of course I couldn’t say no. As usual our Halloween decor is over the top, and my house looks like a Halloween store exploded in it, but it makes us happy and that’s all that matters. Some of it’s spooky, some of it’s fun, and some of it’s scary- just as Halloween should be.

So if you’d like to see a bit of our Halloween House, scroll through the pictures below! Enjoy…if you dare! πŸŽƒ

Cooper’s big birthday present from us this year was his choice of a Halloween animatronic. So after multiple trips to three different Spirit stores in our area, AND a trip to Home Depot, he decided on this terrifying guy:

Meet the Soul Harvester! If the video doesn’t come through clearly on the blog, head over to my Instagram page HERE to see this freaky thing in action. Yes, he’s currently in my living room. Yes, he’s startled me multiple times because I keep forgetting this 7 foot giant thing is in my house. And yes, Cooper thinks it is the coolest thing ever πŸ˜†

We plan on doing a little haunted house in our garage on the night before Halloween. We’re inviting our neighbors and our friends and this guy will be the main attraction.

Here is the outside of our house:

Our neighborhood is holding a contest for best Halloween decorations- we are very hopeful that we’ll place!

Every year we add to our collection, and we’ve been living together for 16 Halloweens, so we have acquired a huge amount of Halloween stuff! It takes forever to put it all up and almost as long to pack it all away. Some new additions this year were:

This tabletop tree:

Tabletop Halloween Tree

It has a timer option and looks really cool I think. It comes with little Jack-o-lantern ornaments you can hook on the lights for more color.

Also, this Halloween tree that I thought was so cute! There are a few different varieties but I liked the “ghost” tree:

5 ft. Halloween Tree

For my guest bathroom decor, these bats were really easy to stick on the mirror:

Halloween Bat Decorations

All three of the above items were inexpensive and shipped next day from Amazon.

Well guys, I think that about wraps up our Halloween home tour! Cooper absolutely loves it and he looks forward to helping me decorate all year. Seeing the joy he gets out of the decorations makes it worth all the work!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our Halloween House! Hope you are decorating and enjoying the season too! Happy Halloween! πŸŽƒ

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4 thoughts on “Our Halloween House! πŸŽƒ

  1. I haven’t put up a single Halloween decoration. I bought two pumpkins that are sitting on the bench on our porch and that is the extent of my decorating. So sad lol.


    1. I’m so surprised! You are such a Halloween lover! You still have time- it’s more than a week away πŸŽƒ Start small and I bet you’ll get inspired!


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