Welcome to my blog!!

Hey everyone!! I decided to start a blog! I’ll be writing about any and everything- just for fun! I was sharing travel advice with a customer at the salon and she said “If you don’t have a blog, you should!” and I thought, why not? So here I am… I named it Cali Girl on the Move because I’m a California girl(well woman technically, but Cali Woman on the Move sounded strange! Ha!) and I feel like in this chapter of my life I am CONSTANTLY on the move!! #teamneversitdown  My life is a constant go, go, go, with Mom duties, work, commuting, shuttling Cooper from school, to practice, to games, to after school activities, cooking, cleaning, errands, etc. You all know the drill. It’s hectic but awesome, and I love almost all of it! So welcome to my blog- thanks for checking it out.  I’ll close with a picture of my little family.


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