Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!! Today I’m linking up with Erika for my first Friday Favorites post. Here are some of the random things I’m loving this week:

My first favorite is something I think would be great in everyone’s backyard! We just got them and I love the way they look. Check out these awesome flickering flame torches:

Sunlitec Solar Light Flickering Flames Torches

They really look like actual flames are flickering inside the tops! I think these would make an awesome addition to anyone’s backyard. They give off a decent amount of light too. If you click the link you can view the video of the flickering in the photos of the product. Their height is adjustable too.

Next up is my favorite kid and one of my favorite places!


Of course he’s my favorite everyday- and we’ve had a BUSY week! I’m so glad we were able to get away last weekend to one of our favorite places: the San Diego Safari Park! 

I blogged about our trip here in case you missed it.

Next up is a little something I found on Etsy:


Isn’t that cute? I found it here and it’s less than $30! It has this scratch off material(just like on a lottery ticket) and you scratch off the material wherever you’ve traveled to. She also has a world map version in her shop too. We are only scratching off the places that we’ve all three been to together. As you can see we’ve got the Western U.S. pretty covered, so we need to start working on the rest! But considering Cooper is only 6 years old, I’d say he’s pretty well traveled! #roadtripfamily I really thought it was a cute idea! I popped it into an inexpensive frame and I love the way it looks! #notasponseredpost #ijustreallylovethisidea

Another favorite is something I’ve used forever and I usually talk about it everyday:

Rembrandt Intense Stain Whitening Toothpaste 

So many people ask me what I use to keep my teeth white. Now, I don’t think they’re all that white, but I get a lot of people saying they are, so here’s the secret! Lol. This stuff is a favorite product for sure and I’ve been using it for years.

My last favorite for the week:


BASEBALL!!! We are right in the thick of Cooper’s first Spring Baseball season and I will be watching this kid play on Saturday! It’s a busy time with weekday practices, weekday games, and Saturday games, but he’s learning and having fun, so it makes it worthwhile. Maybe if I get lucky I might get to watch a little Dodger baseball this weekend too!

Well there it is- my little random mix of favorite things for my first ever Friday Favorites post. Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! Thanks for stopping by!



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