Trader Joe’s Fall Haul

I love Trader Joe’s all year, but this is my very favorite time to shop there! All of their Fall seasonal goodies are the best. Here’s a sampling of what I love:


One of my very favorite things to pick up is this Turkey kit:


It gives me something fun to do with Cooper in between all the cooking and cleaning that is going on before Thanksgiving day.

Here’s how ours turned out a couple years ago:


It’s cute, fun, and easy!

Another favorite is the pumpkin bread mix- my husband and my son love this stuff. I usually make the gluten free version for myself, but they also eat that too. Both mixes are super easy to make. Just add water, eggs, and vegetable oil. I like to eat the pumpkin bread muffins with apple butter….so good!


The Pecan Pumpkin oatmeal packets are delicious with a splash of milk.

This coffee cup assortment is a great buy. It’s an assortment of chocolate mint, caramel, winter blend, french vanilla, and gingerbread. 20 K-cups for $9.99 is a pretty good deal in my book. I really like the Trader Joe’s version of K-cups because there’s a lot less plastic than the other brands. In this “Festive Flavor” pack the gingerbread is my favorite.

The spicy chai latte mix isn’t a seasonal item, but it’s just so delicious! If you like Chai lattes, this mix is as good as anything you’ll order at a coffee shop.


I love the Almond Nog because it has that amazing egg nog flavor, but is so much lighter than actual eggnog. I love to put it in my afternoon coffee as a sweet little pick-me-up.

The pumpkin and butternut squash bisque was new to me this year. My husband spotted it at the store and he thought it sounded like something I’d like- he was definitely right. It’s so good! If you like butternut squash you’ll love this.

The little milk chocolate turkeys were just something I picked up because I thought they were SO cute. I think the kids(and my husband) will like them. .

Lastly, I love the Honey Crisp apple cider. I use it to make something delicious:


First I warm a coffee mugs worth of cider on the stove:


Then I pour it into a mug and stir in a spoonful of caramel sauce:


Then I top it with some whipped cream(or almond milk whipped cream if your trying to save yourself some calories), and a drizzle of caramel sauce.


Last, but not least, a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.


This is a mug full of deliciousness! It’s the perfect sweet treat on a cold night. Try it- I promise you’ll love it.

That’s it guys- my Trader Joe’s Fall haul! Hope you see something that you think you might try. Thanks for stopping by and reading today 🙂



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