Tuesday Talk: Our Christmas House

Hi guys! I’m linking up this week with Erika and Ashley for the last Tuesday Talk link up of the year. This month I’m giving you a peek at our Christmas decorations!


I LOVE Christmas! I always have- even before I became a mom. But after having Cooper, I got way more into Christmas than I was before. I really want him to look back on his childhood Christmases, and remember that we went all out! I know that the decor rule-of-thumb is “less is more”- but I don’t follow that rule! I think for Christmas “more is better” should be the rule 😉

When you walk through our front door this is our entry table:


We also have garland that is wrapped around our staircase railing:


Then you see our formal living room on the left:


As you walk down on entry hallway, you’ll pass our card-ribbons:


These have become one of my favorite Christmas decorations. I save all the cards that our friends and family send to us each year. I attach them all to a strip of ribbon, decorate the top with some gift bows, and hang them up year after year. This is a tradition I borrowed from my step-dads mom years ago. She had so many beautiful cards she’d saved from over many years. I thought it was such a great idea- so I decided to attach the cards to ribbons so they’d be sorted by year. Many of these cards have photos of my friend’s and family’s children, and it’s fun to see how much the kids have changed as you look at each year’s card. We also have cards from loved ones that we’ve lost- and those cards with their handwriting inside are so precious to us.

To get them to stay hanging on our walls we use these:


They work like a charm: Scotch Removable Mounting Strips

Last you come to our living room:


As you can see, subtle is not my taste! This is my favorite room in our house right now. I just love sitting on the couch, watching Christmas movies, next to our pretty tree. It just makes me happy!

I have a few other touches of Christmas around the house besides those main rooms. Cooper’s canvas crafts from over the years, some clothes for my wine bottles, Christmas themed wall-flowers, etc.


Oh and how can I forget my Elvis stockings?


I have two of these hanging on our living room wall. My Dad is a huge fan, so Elvis’ Christmas albums were the soundtrack to my childhood Christmases. Plus, I just think they’re super cool!

I also have always made a little “Christmas Station” for Cooper every year. It started out as a felt tree when he was a baby, then as he got older it has turned into a little area where he can set up his Christmas village, Christmas Lego’s, and various figurines of his. I figured out long ago that if he had things he was allowed to decorate and move around, he was less likely to want to grab all the breakable stuff I didn’t want him messing with.


This is also where we keep his advent calendars each year. We always get him a chocolate one and a Lego advent calendar too.


So that’s about it! I like to think of it as a Christmas explosion. It takes a long time to put it all up, and even longer to pack it back away, but we really enjoy it while it’s up. It definitely makes the house feel warm, cozy, and Christmas-y.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into our Christmas House, and I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!



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