Freaky Friday- Week 1

Hey guys! Usually on Friday’s I do a Friday Favorites post, but in light of this weeks Coronavirus happenings, a “favorites” post just didn’t seem appropriate. So it’s a Freaky Friday post instead, because I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but around here things are feeling pretty freaky…


Seriously! Such a roller-coaster of emotions! School has been called off until May 1st(or possibly longer), Little League has been postponed and most likely cancelled, Karate postponed and most likely cancelled, I had to close my salon and leave my 4 employees without a job for the next month(maybe longer), and now the entire state of California is under orders to stay at home. Combine all of that with this constant, depressing, cold, rain we’ve been having and…. everything is just so weird.

I finally decided to stop watching the news Wednesday night. I usually never watch the news because it just isn’t good for my anxiety. For whatever reason I started watching it basically non stop last week, and I realized it was just making me feel worse. So I turned it off and haven’t regretted it. I figure anything I need to know about, I’ll hear from friends and family. So if you’re feeling extra wary with all of this going on, just try turning off the news. You’ll feel better, I promise.

What we’ve been up to

On a brighter note, I’ve definitely been enjoying being home! We’ve had a great week together, and I’ve been trying to focus on the positive side of this, which is extra time with my kid. My brother and my nephews came down from San Francisco last Friday so we had my Mom, my Tia, my cousin and her boyfriend over. I’m glad we got the chance to spend time together since we likely won’t be seeing each other for a while now. We had so much fun!


Monday, we took a walk over to Dos Lagos to feed the ducks some birdseed. These guys were really happy to see us. It was really sad to walk around Dos Lagos and see it so empty. There were some people in the restaurants, but that was it.


Tuesday was my last day going into work. I didn’t know when we would be closing, but Orange County issued an order closing all non-essential businesses that evening. Would you believe that on Tuesday morning someone called to see if we were running any “Coronavirus specials”?? Umm, no.

After work on Tuesday we put on our St. Patrick’s day green. Then we took a walk around our neighborhood to go on a “shamrock hunt”. One of my neighbors posted to our community Facebook page that we should put up shamrocks in our windows so the kids can have something to find when they spent some time outside. We counted 15 houses with green shamrocks in their windows- including ours šŸ˜‰ Cooper really enjoyed searching for them.


On Wednesday we started a color-by-number kit. We took turns coloring each number. We worked on it off and on and finished it up the next day. This kit came with it’s own markers, and a foam board to mount your artwork on when completed.

Faber-Castell Color by Number Foil Fun


Cooper was really happy with how it turned out and now he wants to hang it in his room šŸ™‚

Yesterday I let Cooper pick out two Lego sets from his “present stash” to build. I’m the mean mom who lets their kid open his Christmas presents, and then I put them all away! I then stagger his gifts so that he opens them at a later time. This is his “present stash”. I do this because otherwise all his new toys will be opened on Christmas day, he’ll be on toy overload, and nothing will be appreciated. This way every toy gets it’s chance to be new and exciting. It might sound mean, but trust me, this kid is not lacking for toys!

We completed an entire Lego set yesterday and we started the second one today šŸ™‚


Today we joined our friends for a virtual art class hosted by my sweet friend Virginia. We all logged onto Messenger and she gave the kids step by step instructions on how to draw animals using simple shapes. It was fun to see all the kids, and the drawings came out super cute. It was a nice little way to squeeze in some art and some socializing.


I thought his drawings turned out pretty good!

This week we’ve been utilizing our Disney+ quite a bit! We’ve watched Frozen 2, the original Alice in Wonderland and Guardians of the Galaxy(this one is our newest obsession!).

Our pets have also been enjoying all the time we’ve been spending at home this week!



How cute are they??Ā  I’m pretty sure our dogs never want us to leave the house, and even our cat seems to like us being home more. She’s obsessed with Cooper, in case you can’t tell from the pictures!

We have been doing some school work- about 2 and a half hours worth everyday including our reading time. Our teachers sent us home with a packet last Friday that basically said “If school is closed, work on this. If school isn’t closed just disregard and return it Monday”. Of course now we know school is closed, and closed for a long time. I can’t imagine they had any idea we’d be out this long when they prepared their packets. I haven’t heard yet what is going to go on as far as future school work goes. I guess we’ll see.

When it hasn’t been raining, we’ve been going for walks and I’ve been using my treadmill every day, which helps keep me sane. I was building my running stamina for a 5K that I had signed up for in May but that’s also been cancelled šŸ˜¦ However, through forcing myself to run, I’ve discovered that I sleep MUCH better on days that I do. So, although I’m slow, I’m able to run for longer chunks of time than ever before.

We also heard about Cosmic Kids Yoga from a friend, so we’ve been doing yoga! It’s super simple, and fun. The lady that teaches the yoga lessons is great, and they have a Pokemon episode so Cooper thought that was super cool! I highly recommend checking it out and doing this with your kids. Cooper really likes it!

We’ve also been trying to not eat all the snacks. Which has been hard! I discovered these little gems in the frozen section at Target:


Oh my gosh these are good! Have you tried them? I could eat the whole bag in one sitting. I dip them in a little bit of this Boysenberry Chipotle sauce I buy at Knott’s Berry Farm. Yum!!



Well, I guess that wraps up what we’ve been up to this week. Mostly we’re just trying to stay positive and not be scared. I hope you are doing the same, and I hope wherever you are reading this from, you are healthy and your loved ones are as well. A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and I really, really loved it:


Ah friends, I can’t wait. In the meantime, let’s pray that this quarantine works, let’s make the best of this extra time we get to spend at home, and let’s look forward to returning to normalcy, sunny summer days, and seeing each other again. We’ll get through this. Virtual hugs to you! Thank you for reading ā¤


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