Let’s Look: How we do Easter

Hey everyone! Today I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for their April edition of “Let’s Look”. This month the topic is How we do Easter, so here’s a peek at our Easter Traditions:

Easter Decorations

A few weeks before Easter, I pull out all of our Easter decorations. Our collection isn’t huge or fancy, but we have a few cute things we put up to celebrate. I decorate the formal living room, the entryway, and our main family room.


Visit to the Easter Bunny

Every year we take Cooper to see the Easter Bunny! This is a fun tradition that I’m sure most everyone does. These pictures always turn out fun! It’s fun to see how much Cooper has grown over the years:

FB_IMG_1552690710252.jpgFB_IMG_1555595872740.jpg20150404_170542.jpgIMG_20170401_183331_486.jpg20180323_0300 (1).JPG20190418_205933.jpg

This year, because of the Covid-19 outbreak, we are unable to go take a picture with the Easter Bunny. The place we usually go to emailed us with a solution to this situation. They are offering a service in which you take a picture and email it to them. Then they will photo shop your child into a picture with the Bunny in it. It’s a totally weird idea, but it definitely fits into this totally weird time we’re having! So we went ahead and did it.


I thought it turned out alright! This photo will definitely serve as a reminder for what we went through in the Spring of 2020. Traditions are traditions, and we still got our bunny picture! 😉


Every year I make an Easter frame for the bunny picture to go in. I grab a wooden frame, some paint, crafting paper, and anything else I think is cute. I never see Easter frames at the store, so I’m happy with the ones I make. Here are some pictures of the frames I’ve made throughout the years:


I’m also a sucker for hand print crafts! We made this one with Cooper’s little hands a couple years ago:


Last year we made this finger-print bunny silhouette:


Egg Decorating

Of course we color eggs every year! I mean, who doesn’t color Easter eggs? Usually it’s just a simple egg dye kit, but we have bought other sorts of decorating kits like this pirate one a couple years ago:




I love this tradition!

Easter Treats

I tried this Resurrection Rolls recipe after seeing it on Shay’s blog. These are so delicious!!!

You can find the recipe HERE. They are really easy to make and there’s a little religious lesson you can incorporate when you make them with your kiddos. Try them. You won’t regret it! I usually make them for breakfast Easter morning.

I also make these cookies for basically EVERY holiday, I just decorate them with Easter sprinkles. Every single time I make these cookies, people go nuts for them…and I make them all the time! You can find the recipe HERE.

recipe active photo

We usually spent Easter Sunday at our friends Andrea and Jason’s house. It’s usually a big group of people over there so I bake a couple goodies to take with us. This year, it’ll just be the three of us celebrating Easter at home, so I’ll probably just bake one sweet treat for us to enjoy.

Easter Books

We have a collection of Easter Books that we add to every year. Some of our favorites are:


Easter Sunday

On Easter morning Cooper wakes up to an Easter Basket filled with little toys and some candy too. He takes his time looking through his basket. When he’s done, we go into our backyard to find all the eggs the Easter Bunny hid! He’s always so excited to find all the eggs. They’re filled with candy so that’s always very exciting for him! After that we come inside and eat breakfast.



That my friends, is how we do Easter! We will definitely miss seeing our friends this year! It will be a quiet day at home, but we will make the best of it. We have a ham that I’ll be baking to go along with some scalloped potatoes and roasted asparagus. Cooper is excitedly counting down the days until the Easter Bunny comes, and I’m looking forward to seeing him rush downstairs to see his basket. Easter will be different this year, but it will still be just as special. ❤

Hope you enjoyed reading about how we do Easter. Thanks for stopping by!


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