Friday Favorites #33


Happy Friday everyone! Another week of online distance-learning ,and my salon being closed has come to an end. We made the best out of it and I hope you did too. I’m linking up with Erika once again for a little list of my favorite things from this week. Here goes:


My first favorite from this week is that we got to set our insects free! Our butterflies emerged first so we had 5 pretty butterflies that we got to set free into the world. Cooper had to help a couple of them out of the net and they just stayed on his little hand for the longest time ❤


This is so much fun to do- it really feels like Springtime to have your own butterflies. We just order ours on Amazon- the link is right here:

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

A few days after we set our butterflies free, our Praying Mantises came out of their egg case! We had so many of these little guys!


They are so cute! We unzipped their habitat and placed it in our bushes so they can slowly climb out when they’re ready. Hopefully they’ll eat all the bad bugs in our yard and we’ll get to see them after they’ve grown.



If you’re interested in these guys, we bought them on Amazon too:

Praying Mantis Egg Case

Cooper REALLY enjoyed raising his insects and setting them out into the world. Seeing him have an interest in science and nature is a big favorite of mine!


Another hit from this week was our dinner last night: Breakfast Tacos! Yummy food is always a favorite- especially when it combines my husband’s love of breakfast with my love for tacos! If you missed my post from yesterday, you can click here for the recipe:

Breakfast Tacos



Favorite number three is that we went on a hike!!! It was really nice to be out in nature and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. We hiked on a trail in a wildlife preserve that we hadn’t explored before. We found a bunch of fuzzy caterpillers- we kept almost stepping on them along the trail. Cooper enjoyed rescuing them and placing them on plants away from the trail.



It was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.


Yesterday we enjoyed a pool day at my cousins house! It was so nice to visit with my family and enjoy the nice cool water on a very HOT day. Cooper had a blast and didn’t want to leave.


Sunshine, family, and swimming are definitely favorites!


Recently I took a trip to Trader Joe’s and discovered my new favorite drink:


This is SO delicious you guys!! It’s not to sweet- just the perfect amount. I could seriously drink this whole bottle in one sitting. It would probably be great used as a mixer for a cocktail- I’m thinking vodka or white rum and some mint leaves would be amazing.


Well guys, that’s going to be it for my Friday Favorites this week. Thank you for reading! If you blog, don’t forget to click through to Erika’s page to join the link-up. I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope all you Mommy’s out there have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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