Our Thanksgiving Decor

Hi friends! Hope you are all having a great week so far. I thought I’d jump on here and show you how I decorate the house for Thanksgiving! I know lots of people jump right from Halloween decorations to Christmas decorations, but that doesn’t happen around here. We give Thanksgiving the proper attention it deserves! I love my autumn/harvest decorations SO much that I can’t imagine skipping over them. So here’s a peek at our Thanksgiving decor:

My living room is obviously the main focus of our decorations:

I spy a little chihuahua…😊

I also decorated our entry table:

And our mud room:

Our guest bathroom:

Various little touches throughout the house:

When Cody and I got our first place together (16 years ago), we moved in at the end of September. After the chaos of unpacking and all of that, the first seasonal decorations we bought together were most of these items. So, a lot of these decorations are very sentimental to me.

Well guys, that’s a wrap on my little home tour! Thanks for stopping by and reading today 😊


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