Friday Favorites #3

Happy Friday everyone!! Another week has flown by- hope it was a great week for all of you! I can’t believe May is here already. Wasn’t it just Christmas?? I have to say I’m excited that Summer break is around the corner- but time is going by a bit too fast for me! Once again I’m linking up with Erica for this week’s Friday Favorites post. So here’s a quick rundown of things I’m loving this week:

Field Trips

Who doesn’t love a field trip?? I swear I’ll always be the first to volunteer. I got to chaperone Cooper’s Kindergarten class field trip to the Grocery store and the Fire station!


It was a really fun day! Seeing the kids “oooh and ahhh” when they saw the steak wrapping machine in the butcher block was hilarious! They also got to tour the bakery, the produce department, and the storage room. They all wore their little hair nets too- my child chose to wear his like this:


He cracks me up!


It was a great day. The fire men really took their time showing the kids all the parts of the fire engine. The boys were really excited about the ax and the chainsaw. The kids in his class are such fun kids! I love being able to be there for these moments! I am going to be a sobbing mess at their graduation in a few weeks. I’m going to miss seeing these awesome kiddos. This kindergarten class is my favorite for sure!

Date Nights

My husband and I got to sneak away for a date night! First one since January! We went to a baseball game so we could see my husband’s Yankees play the Angels. I bought him these tickets as a Christmas gift and he’d been patiently waiting for the series to get here. My Tia came over to babysit, so Cooper was happy to stay home without us.

We had great seats and it was a great game! The Yankees beat the Angels 11-1! So needless to say, my husband was very happy! Date night is a definite favorite!

Knott’s Berry Farm

On Sunday we went to Knott’s Berry Farm to celebrate this very sweet girl turning 12!! It’s hard to believe she’s 12 already because it seems like I was at her 1st birthday party a few years ago!


It was a beautiful day and we rode a lot of rides and had so much fun! Cooper got to ride the Bigfoot Rapids ride for the first time and we didn’t get too soaked. A fun day spent with friends we love like family is our MOST favorite!


Friday Night Board Games

On Friday nights we like to relax and play board games before Cooper goes to bed. A long time favorite of ours has been “Hoot Owl Hoot”.  It’s a team game so either everyone wins or everyone loses. But it’s actually really fun!

Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot Award Winning Cooperative Matching Game for Kids

But this week I ordered one I loved as a kid- my neighbor Heidi and I would play it all the time! I’m going to surprise Cooper with it tonight, so we’ll see what he thinks…

Guess Who? Classic Game

Did anyone else love this when they were little? Friday night board games with my favorite kid are of course a favorite!

Well that about wraps up my random list of favorites for the week! We’re off to meet some of my favorite people for dinner. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thank you for stopping by and checking out my little blog!


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