Disney World! Part 2


Hey guys! In this post I’m going to be recapping/reviewing our Animal Kingdom day of our Disney World Trip that we took in March of 2018! If you missed my last post about Disney World you can find that here:

Disney World! Part 1

I talked about all things Magic Kingdom in my last post- but today I’ll be reviewing the park that my 6 year old son loves the most:

Animal Kingdom

This park really surprised me on my first trip to Disney World. I knew I would like the animals but I was really blown away by the theming of this park. You really feel transported into Africa, and then into Asia, and then when you enter Pandora you don’t even know what to think! I love all the attention to detail in every area of the park. I really encourage you to take your time and look at everything as you wander around. There is so much to take in!


There’s a ton to see here so you really need to get to the park early and plan to stay until they close. We like to start off by checking out the animals in the Oasis area, and on Discovery Island, right as we enter the park. Then we work our way towards the right to head into DinoLand U.S.A.  We were on our way over to get in line for the Dinosaur ride, when we saw this guy heading over to his picture spot:

Donald Duck!!!!


Cooper thinks that last picture is HILARIOUS because it looks like Donald is biting my face!! I get so excited whenever Cooper wants to take a picture with a character because he never used to agree to it! So I’m taking advantage now.

After pictures we rode Dinosaur and it was so fun! I really like this ride- we ended up going on it 3 times that day. It’s fun and exciting but it might be a bit scary for some young kids. My son absolutely loves it! We also rode the TriceraTop Spin while we were in this area too. Both lines have had shorts lines when we’ve visited.

After that we headed over to the Asia area of the park to use our first Fastpass+ of the day: Expedition Everest !! Here we are with the mountain in the background:


We didn’t ride this when we were here on our last trip- so we were really excited about this one! I have to say, it was MUCH scarier than I had expected it to be! It’s a pretty crazy roller coaster- I should have known by all the screaming I heard while waiting in line. I guess I thought they were just being dramatic. Well, let me tell you- I was screaming my face off on this ride! But it was really fun. My words of wisdom- keep your head pressed back against the headrest. #forreal #wishiwouldhaveknown

Next it was time for us to go on Safari! Kilimanjaro Safari to be exact! This is a highlight for sure! We had a Fastpass+ so we didn’t even wait 5 minutes. Now, we’re a bit spoiled because we live near the San Diego Safari Park , so we get to see a lot of these animals when we go there, but I could never get tired of seeing lions, giraffes, zebras, etc. We’ve gone on this right around noon on both trips. We’ve seen lots of animals and they’re pretty active. From what I hear, you want to avoid riding it in the later part of the day because the animals are supposedly less active.


This “ride” is definitely a can’t miss!! Get a Fastpass+ for it!

After that it was time for us to grab some lunch at Yak and Yeti Restaurant. We had reservations and I’m thankful that we did because the wait looked long. The food here is good- it’s a mix of Asian inspired dishes and I love the Malaysian Seafood Curry! My husband got the Tikka Masala and he really liked it(and he’s picky!). Cooper had the predictable mac and cheese…and he ate every bite! I like eating here because it’s good food, not too pricey, and it’s air conditioned. Both trips our service has been great too. I wish I would have taken pictures of the inside of this restaurant because the decor is awesome.

We spent the next bit wandering through the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. He you will find a bunch of animal exhibits. There are birds, fish, moles, hippos, and of course, gorillas! Lots too see and really fun for everyone. Plus it’s educational so it’s a win/win.

After that we headed over toward the Tree of Life to see the It’s Tough to Be a Bug show. This is a 3D film that is in a theater inside the Tree of Life! I really like this little show- it surprised me the first time I saw it! It can be scary for little kids- it gets dark, and loud, and there are some special effects that cause the crowd to get a bit noisy. So be aware of that if you have kids that scare easily. Here we are pre-show in our 3D bug glasses:


The theater is huge and it seats a lot of people so there’s rarely a wait to see this one. The line moves fast and then you’re in! After the show we like to wander around the Tree of Life and look at all the animals that are carved into it. It’s a beautiful sight!


The Tree of Life is so intricately detailed, and it’s so huge, and so beautiful, it’s something that could ONLY be done by Disney. This tree will always be a highlight of every Animal Kingdom trip for me.

After waiting all day to see it, we finally ventured over into the newest land of Animal Kingdom: Pandora-The World of Avatar!!! Last year when we were here this land wasn’t open yet, but we could see the “floating mountains” from the parking lot and it sparked my interest. I am not personally a fan of the Avatar movie. I thought it was kind of boring, and really long. Let me assure you that you do not have to like this movie to love this area of Animal Kingdom park! It is AMAZING!! Everything is so beautiful and there are so many things to look at! The floating mountains are SO COOL!!


The pictures really don’t even begin to show you how cool they look in person! We wandered around for a while just taking it all in. Then it was time to get in the Fastpass+ line for Avatar Flights of Passage. Now, I knew that this was the hottest ride to get a Fastpass+ for, so I secured our passes weeks before our trip. I also knew that it wasn’t uncommon to have people waiting in the stand-by line for 3 or more hours for this ride. What I didn’t know was if this ride would live up to the hype. Well, I’m here to tell you that YES, it definitely lives up to the hype!!!! It is so amazing that it immediately moved to my list of all-time favorite rides! It’s a 3D virtual reality type ride where you are riding on a flying “Banshee”, soaring over mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and the ocean. It really feels like you ARE flying! You can feel the banshee moving and flapping it’s wings(you sit on top of a motorcycle like seat), you can feel the wind on your face, you can even smell the blooming flowers you are flying over. It is INCREDIBLE!! The best way for me to describe it would be to say it’s like being in a crazy, awesome dream- one of those dreams that you just don’t want to wake up from. In fact, you will hear the riders around you gasping in amazement throughout the ride! When it’s over you’ll be ready to get right back in line to ride it again! So that’s what we did!! But first we stopped to get one of these:


A Night Blossom from Pongu-Pongu. It’s a frozen beverage made of layers of apple and desert pear limeade topped with passion fruit boba balls. It was delicious! I added a shot of rum to mine!! It made our wait in the stand-by line for Flights of Passage much more tolerable. The stand-by line also lets you see all the cool stuff that you miss in the Fastpass+ line like this:


The line queue is really cool! It honestly made our wait in line go by really fast-we waited 45 minutes which is a very short line for this ride. Plus we also met an awesome family from Idaho that we had fun chatting with. #Idahopeoplearesonice So the queue, fun people, and my Rum Blossom drink made the line fly by! By the way- the ride was just as awesome the second time around!

Afterwards we took a walk through the Windtraders store and of course we had to get a Banshee. Cooper picked out the color he liked and we got our new “pet” boxed up. By this time it was dark outside and we wanted to get some pictures, so we found a photo person. The way everything glows at night time is so cool!


While we were getting our pictures done, I saw that the wait time was only 15 minutes for the Na’vi River Journey ride, so we jumped in that line. It was almost closing time so we got lucky with the short wait! This ride is just a slow easy boat rode through some really awesome scenery. Lots of pretty things to look at, BUT it’s a bit on the boring side. The wait for this ride is usually huge, so my advice would be to only ride it if the line is short. Definitely don’t waste a Fastpass+ on it, unless of course your kids are too little for Flights of Passage. Then it would be worth the Fastpass+ I guess.

On our way out we stopped for a night time picture by the Tree:


Then it was time to head back to the hotel. We had a full day! We did everything, and rode everything we wanted to! I remember saying that we had the “perfect Animal Kingdom” day, and my husband and son agreed. I really love this park and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post about it. Thanks for stopping by!


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