Back to School!!

Today Cooper started First Grade!! He was so brave even though he told me this morning that he felt like he was going to throw-up. We got to school  extra early so he could visit with his friends before the school gates opened. I think that helped him to warm up a bit and calm his nerves. I of course took the traditional back-to-school photos before we left the house:


We’ve had this 1st day of school board since his first year of Preschool. We bought it here from It’s a dry erase board and it has spots to fill in the date, his grade, age, favorite things, etc. This year his choices were:

-What I want to be when I grow up: Animal Rescuer(I’ve never heard him say this before, but I am so grateful he’s an animal lover!)

-Things he loves:                                                                                                                                    – Hot Wheels(he’s obsessed and has approximately 8 million)                                                    -Knott’s Berry Farm                                                                                                                                -Monster Trucks

Favorite Subject: Reading(he loves books)

His Favorite food: Bacon

Favorite book: All About Reptiles

His choices change every year, but his favorite food always remains the same. This kid loves his bacon!

I also took my traditional pictures of him wearing his new backpack:


He looks like SUCH a big kid to me in these pictures! I got his backpack, lunch bag, and water thermos from Pottery Barn Kids this year. I bought his backpack from Target last year and it just did not survive. So when I saw that Pottery Barn Kids had a great sale going on this last May, I did not hesitate to make the purchase. He picked the print out and the color and font for his name. I think it looks great!

When we got to school they had this cute background set up for photos:


For the first day of school parents are allowed to walk their kids to their class, so that’s what I did. I met his new teacher and she seems great! Then we found his desk and his Kindergarten teacher came by to surprise him and say hello, which was so nice. After that Cooper really seemed to feel more comfortable and he got settled in.


My big First Grader!! I can’t believe how quickly our summer break flew by! But it is sorta nice to fall back into our school routine. I just know that he’s going to have another great year at school. I’m looking forward to all the fun school activities we have to look forward to in First Grade!

Hope all the kiddos out there had a great first day back to school!!



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