Friday Favorites #8

Yay!! It’s Friday! We made it! I’m not going to lie guys- it’s been a long week. I’m joining up once again with Erika and friends for another Friday Favorites post! It’ll be short and sweet.



Cooper started First Grade this week!! He had a great summer, and to be perfectly honest we were not really looking forward to our summer break ending! I’m definitely not one of the Mom’s that is counting down the days until school starts again. Plus the summer went by so fast, am I right?


I couldn’t agree more Lucy!

However, I am so excited for this new chapter in his life! First grade is a big deal! He’s not on the little Kindergarten campus anymore. I knew he would have a great first week and he definitely did. He was nervous on Monday but by Friday he looked like a pro. His new teacher seems so amazing! Thursday night was Parent Information night so I got to sit at his desk and listen to her game plan for the year. I have a really good feeling about her- you can tell she absolutely loves her job. To read more about Cooper’s first day of school you can click here to see my post from Monday.



My little First grader is definitely a favorite this week!


I came across this meme on Facebook this week and I thought it was fitting for back to school. The message is a favorite this week:


Yes please, please don’t let them be the mean kid. Kindness is contagious! I also know that our children learn how to treat others by watching how we treat others. So lets spread the kindness around- especially at school drop off and pick up. Lol.


The best month of the year is almost here:


September, I’ve been waiting all year for you! One week to go! September is my birthday month, my sons birthday month, Cody and my wedding anniversary month, the beginning of Fall, Mickey’s Halloween Party, etc. I’m looking forward to planning Cooper’s birthday party and all the fun that entails. Plus, I finally get to put out all my Fall decor items and start decorating for Halloween. Maybe we’ll even get some cool fall weather! Okay, probably not, but a girl can dream, right? I just love this time of year- September is my favorite!


Tomorrow is Cooper’s first practice of the 2018 Fall ball season! We get to meet his new coach and teammates in the morning. For this season he’s on the Storm- I’m excited to see him have fun and get some hits! He learned so much last season and had a great time.


 Such a handsome little slugger- even in those awful Giants colors!! #LetsGoDodgers Seeing Cooper play baseball is definitely my favorite!

Well guys that’s gonna wrap it up for this edition of Friday Favorites! Hope everyone had a great week, and I hope you all have fun filled and/or relaxing weekends. Thanks for reading!


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