What’s Up Wednesday


Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! For my first time ever, I’ll be linking up with Shay (her blog Mix and Match Mama is one of my favorites)today for my first What’s Up Wednesday post. On the last Wednesday of every month she invites you to answer the following questions:


1: What we’re eating this week:

To be honest I have been keeping it really simple this week. We’re in the stage of adjusting to our new schedule of school, homework, baseball practice, etc. so lately I’ve been turning to Trader Joe’s frozen foods for the win! Cooper really loves their Orange Chicken, and the naan bread(which makes great bread for a kids size pizza- I just add cheese and bacon).

Image result for naan bread trader joe's

Image result for tj orange chicken

My husband and I really like their Kung Pao chicken- it’s so quick to cook and I just make the rice at the same time.

Image result for tj kung pao

Easy fast and affordable. Gotta love Trader Joe’s!

2: What I’m reminiscing about:

Our Summer trips! We had an amazing Summer filled with great trips- I’m going to find time someday to blog all about them(I hope!). We went to Hawaii, Florida, New Orleans, and more. Definitely reminiscing about the fun times we had. Summer went by too fast!

3: What I’m loving:

I’m in the planning stages for Cooper’s birthday party next month and I love planning parties. He really just wants to have his birthday party at home again(it’s all we’ve ever done). I thought maybe he’d want to do a trampoline park or something like that, but he insists on having another backyard party which is just fine by me. We always have so much fun at his birthday parties!

4: What we’ve been up to:

We are back to our school year schedule! Early wake-ups, scheduling my work around school drop-offs and pick-ups, baseball practices, homework, dinner, bath, books, bed, repeat. Our first week back felt long and I was tired. But this week I feel like we’re getting back into our routine.

5: What I’m dreading:

Nothing that I can think of at the moment. But we did have an earthquake yesterday so I’m feeling paranoid about another one of those! Lol. With every year I dislike them more and more! So I guess that qualifies as something I’m dreading?

6: What I’m working on:

Birthday planning! He’s decided on a Super Mario Bros. theme for his bday so I have a fun surprise planned that’s related to that theme. I’m going to send out invites today too.

7: What I’m Excited About:

September!! It’s my favorite month of the year!!


I’m excited for my birthday, our wedding anniversary, and Cooper’s birthday! Also we have a fun concert we’re headed to and Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland. Plus all my Fall decorations get to come out of hibernation.

8: What I’m Watching/Reading:

Cooper’s current favorite movie is the Storks movie, so that’s been on constant repeat this last week or so. I’m not going to lie, I like it too! It’s pretty cute. We love the scene with Pigeon Toady. It cracks us up!

If you haven’t seen this movie I think you should check it out!


9: What I’m Listening To:

Well, relating back to the Storks movie, the song at the end is “Fire and the Flood” by Vance Joy. I just love it. It’s beautiful and makes me want to cry a little…

So currently the Vance Joy YouTube Mix is what I’m listening to as I type this.

10: What I’m Wearing:

Nothing exciting. I didn’t work today so I’m in Kohl’s yoga pants and a Kohl’s tank top. I am wearing one of my favorite sports bras though. They’re comfy and cheap! The medium works best for me but if you click the link you’ll see they have lots of different sizes and colors. I wear these constantly and even wear them to sleep! They are seriously that comfortable.

Hanes Women’s Stretch Cotton Low Imact Sports Bras – 2 Pack, White/Black, Large

11: What I’m doing this weekend:

This weekend we are going to a Labor Day weekend BBQ/Housewarming party at Rachel and Greg’s! I’ll get to see some of my Besties, eat some good food, and enjoy some adult beverages. Yipeeee!!! I can’t wait.

12: What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month:

Hahaha! I guess I already answered all this- so see number 7 😉

13: What Else is New:

Well I guess the school year is new, Cooper has a new teacher, he’s on a new baseball team(The Storm!) and I finally got my hair done this week! Does that count as new?


So the bonus question on this months What’s Up Wednesday post is:

What’s Your Favorite Back to School Tradition:

I guess my favorite tradition is taking pictures of Cooper with his First Day of School Board. We started taking them when he was 3 and started Pre-School:





Oh my gosh that picture of 3 year old Cooper makes me want to cry!! He’s getting too big! But anyhow, tears aside, I love this little tradition and his answers change(mostly) every year. I bought the board on PersonalizationMall.com and it’s less than $20- just grab a dry erase marker and fill in the answers. So easy!


Well guys, that’s gonna do it for my first What’s Up Wednesday post! Thanks for reading!


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