Jurassic Quest

Earlier this month we took our dinosaur obsessed 7 year old to Jurassic Quest! It was really neat and I highly recommend it for the 10 and under crowd. Jurassic Quest is a traveling exhibition of life-size, moving, museum quality dinosaurs! Well, dinosaur replicas of course 😉 I heard about it last year but it was traveling to our area while we were out of town, so I made a mental note to keep an eye out for it this year. There are still lots of dates left throughout 2019, so check out the website HERE to see if Jurassic Quest is coming to an area near you!

We purchased our tickets online- it was pretty inexpensive. Adults pay $22 and the kids tickets with the VIP bracelets were $36. Without the bracelet you would have to pay separately for the different activities, so we just went with the bracelet. We entered the building and checked in. They gave us our wristbands and a little-drawstring backpack that had a sticker and a dinosaur figure in it. Cooper paid no attention to it though because he was distracted by the amazing DINOSAURS!! They look like something straight out of a movie set! We spent a long time just walking around looking at all of them. Cooper was amazed.


These dinosaurs move, make noises, and look incredibly real. The amount of detail that they have put into these things is amazing! Here’s a quick video I took:

There is also an exhibit with real fossils and that was neat to check out too. They had lots of different dinosaur teeth and footprints.


We moved on to the next building over where they had the Dinosaur rides!! Cooper was really excited about this part! The lines were fairly short early in the day. There were lots of dinosaurs to choose from and the kids all seemed to really love riding a moving dinosaur!


After the dinosaur rides we moved on the section with all the jumpers! There were huge jumpers with slides, tunnels, climbing thingies, etc. The kids had a blast on the jumpers of course. There was also an inflatable bungee-cord pull thing and that was fun to watch!

There was also a fossil dig section where the kids could use brushes to uncover dinosaur bones. Cooper had a lot of fun with this too. He likes dirt! They only let a few kids through at a time so the “fossil” tables don’t get over crowded.

We took a break to grab a quick bite to eat. They had a few food vendors there with things like BBQ, burgers, corndogs, kettle corn, etc. Then we went over to the Science Station. They had little containers of plaster material that the kids got to press a fossil-like piece into. Then you let it dry for a while. When you come back, they cut the plastic cup away, remove the fossil piece, and you have a little fossil impression to take home.


Before we left we let Cooper pick out a souvenir. They had a gift-shop area with all sorts of dinosaur toys, figurines, books, and more. He decided on an inflatable dinosaur, and so did his two friends that we met up with there.



We had such a fun time at Jurassic Quest! Cooper is REALLY into the Jurassic World movies right now, so I’m so glad we were able to go! For the price I think it’s a good value- we spent the entire day there and he was never bored. I was definitely grateful that we had some friends that we were able to meet up with. He spent a lot of time in the jumpers and I don’t think he would have enjoyed the jumpers as much if his friends weren’t there. He has already asked if we can go back, so I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for it’s return to our area! If you see that Jurassic Quest is coming to a venue near you I highly recommend it! Here’s the website if you want to check it out:


Thanks for stopping by!






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