Life Lately

Hi everyone! I had to take a blogging break because this last month has been busy! Work is crazy for me this time of year, and there’s been so much going on. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to the last month!


Easter was great! We had fun coloring our Easter eggs and baking our Easter treats the day before. This is a tradition that we definitely love.

On Easter morning Cooper was so excited to wake up and find his dinosaur  basket filled with goodies. Then he went outside to find all the eggs in our backyard that the Easter bunny left for him. He was especially excited about the golden egg that had quarters inside it!

After breakfast we drove to my moms house for Easter lunch. Cooper had fun hanging with his cousins! He got to do an Easter egg hunt again, we ate, and visited with everyone.


After lunch we left and headed over to our friends Andrea and Jason’s house. They had a Jolly Jumper and a big Easter egg hunt with a TON of eggs! So that was three Easter egg hunts for Coop! Lucky kid. He had a blast playing and we enjoyed visiting with our friends.

When we got to Andrea’s house I immediately noticed that I had bought the same shirt for Cooper that my friend Deanna bought for her son Christopher! Completely unplanned- great minds think alike 😉

We had such a great Easter with our family and friends! I hope that you did too!

Yankee Game

My husband is a BIG Yankee fan. So every Christmas I buy him tickets to see the Yankees play the Angels when they come to town. That day finally arrived at the end of May. It was a great game- almost immediately the Angels were up 4-0, but the Yankees came back and won it! It was a really exciting game and the section we sat in was filled with really fun people. We had a great time!

Mother-Son night

Cooper’s school did our Mother-Son night at the trampoline park this year! It was really fun. They had a photo booth, face painting, a candy bar, and pizza. Cooper loved playing dodge ball and jumping into the foam pit. It’s definitely hard to get a good picture of a bouncing child…but we had a great night 🙂 So thankful for the awesome events our school PTA sets up.

Friday night game

A few of Cooper’s baseball games got rained out this year, so they played a couple of rare Friday night games. My Mom, my brother and my nephew’s came out to one of them. Cooper was SO excited to see them in the stands! He played it cool and got a hit just after they arrived. They ran around the park after the game and Cooper said it was his favorite night of baseball. We went to dinner afterwards at Rock and Brews and the boys had a blast on the playground there.

Safari park

We spent a beautiful Sunday at the San Diego Safari Park. We really are in love with the Kangaroo/Wallaby area they put in last year. On this trip we could see little baby Joey’s on their mama’s pouches! It was so adorable!

Once again, if you haven’t been to the San Diego Safari Park, you need to plan a trip!

Baby squirrel

While I was at Cooper’s baseball practice we discovered this little baby squirrel crawling on the cement! He was so tiny- his eyes weren’t even open yet. We searched for a den, but we just couldn’t figure out where he had come from. He was so cold and helpless!  I felt so terrible for him. Luckily I was able to contact a wildlife rescue and had just enough time to go drop him off with the amazing people at Sunshine Haven Wildlife Rescue. They knew exactly what to do to help him out. They gave him some formula and put him in a warming box. He was so cute!

Last game

Cooper’s Spring season of baseball ended Mother’s day weekend. He had such a great season! He got to play on the same team as his best friend, and he had the same awesome coach he had from the Fall season. He really improved his hitting skills this season, and that was really fun to see! I was sad to see the season end.

Mother’s Day

For Mother’s day we went to Knott’s Berry Farm! It’s been a tradition of ours for the last 5 years or so. I love spending the day doing something we ALL enjoy! Plus it’s not very crowded on Mother’s day, so that’s a plus! We had a great time.

I also thoroughly enjoyed my Mother’s Day gifts from Cooper! These are the things I will treasure the most!


Family Movie Night

On Friday our school hosted an awesome Family Movie night at our school. There was a giant, inflatable screen set up on the field and we all brought chairs and blankets to sit on. There was a churro guy, a kettle corn stand, and a candy and drink station. We had a great time watching Coco! I love that movie….even though it makes me cry every time!



On Saturday we met up with some friends at the Faire! Cooper really enjoyed the jolly jumpers and the petting zoo.  There were baby pigs, baby goats, and baby alpacas! They were adorable! There was also a Cal Fire Helicopter the kids got to climb in. We also got to watch the helicopter take off- it was very cool!


Well friends, I think that about wraps up most of what we’ve been up to this month! Hope you enjoyed this little peek into our life lately 😉

Thanks for stopping by!


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