Back to School!

Sorry I’ve been MIA on the blog for the summer! We were doing our best to soak up every minute of summer break fun that we could! I’ll be back on here soon with a re-cap of our summer awesome road trip. For today it’s all about the first day of school!

I can’t believe my baby boy is already a 2nd grader! He had a great morning- waking up early was a little tough for him, but he was good to go after breakfast. We took our traditional first day of school pictures with our special board, and of course backpack pictures. He’s getting so big!




We got to school early to get a decent parking spot- and we still had to park super far away! Then we met up with our friends to get in line for the Back To School pictures in front of the special back-drop.


Then we made the very slow journey into the school- they had every teacher standing at the entrance gate giving high-fives to all the kids, and holding up signs with motivational  quotes. They even had a red carpet rolled out to walk in on! They definitely made it a big deal, which was nice….even if it took 20 minutes to walk in the gate! Lol. Parents are allowed to walk their kids to class on the first day, so we did.  His teachers seem great! He was happy to see that his desk was right next to 2 of his best buds- so that was a REALLY nice thing. He was all smiles when we walked out the door!



Hope everyone’s kids had a great first day back!!


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