Tuesday Talk October 2019: Our Halloween House

Hey everyone! Today I’m joining Erika and Ashley’s fun Tuesday Talk link-up. On the third Tuesday of every month they host a link party where you can talk about anything you’d like. So this month I thought I’d join in and talk about our Halloween House.

Every year, once October 1st hits, our house is on Halloween overload! Now I realize that most of you will see these pictures of our house and think that we’re nuts for putting up so much stuff, but our son LOVES it. Halloween has been his favorite ever since he was a little toddler, so we go all out every year. We have a lot of Halloween decorations. Cody and I moved into our first place together 13 years ago, so over the years we’ve accumulated a ton of Halloween stuff. We add something new every year, and our family and friends will often buy Cooper Halloween decorations for his birthday. Here’s a peek at our Halloween house:

This is what we have outside of our house:


This pumpkin is huge!! I love driving home and having Jack and Zero there to greet us.

When you walk into our house this is the table and decor in our entryway:


Then, off to the left is our formal living room,which is decorated like this:


Next as you walk down our entry hallway you’ll pass a “Boo” sign and a couple Halloween crafts from years past:


Next up is the little eat-in area of our kitchen. We have Medusa as our centerpiece:


Above our table we have skeletons hanging out:


Off in the corner of our kitchen, is where we keep all the little trinkety things that Cooper has collected over the years. There are some paper-bag-haunted-houses we made a few years ago, some little Dollar Tree ceramics, and other things. Also, since it’s kind of part of the kitchen, we have our Halloween “toaster” prop.


Just off of the kitchen, this is what our family room looks like:


Every year someone asks me where I find my Halloween frames- the answer is Kohl’s! These three below that say “My Little Pumpkin” are all from Kohl’s. The other one I made out of some wood pieces I bought at Micheal’s. Some of the other stores that we’ve purchased all these things from over the years are Spirit Halloween Store, Kirkland’s, Home Depot, and Target. We bought the lawn inflatables from Wal-Mart.


Well guys, that’s about it. It usually takes me a few hours every year to put everything out, and a few hours to pack it all back up November 1st. It’s a lot of work, but it’s all worth it to see Cooper come home from school all wide-eyed and excited to see our Halloween decorations out.

If you’d like to read more about how we celebrate Halloween you can check out my post here: How We Halloween!




Thanks for checking out our Halloween House! Hope you are all enjoying the season too!


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