Friday Favorites #25


Happy Friday friends! Hope you all had a great week! Can you guys believe that we only have 19 until Christmas??? I can’t! I just barely threw away the last bit of Thanksgiving leftovers and I feel like my Christmas shopping needed to be done yesterday. Time is just flying by! But I guess it just wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t have a million things to do and zero time to do it, right?

Since it’s Friday, I’m linking up once again with Erika and friends for another edition of Friday favorites. Here we go:


My first favorite is technically from last week, but it’s definitely my favorite recent happening: Thanksgiving! We had a great holiday spent here at our house with family and friends. We ate a ton, talked, laughed and enjoyed each others company. The kids had a blast and Cooper stayed up WAY too late. It was great! I love Thanksgiving so much.


This was also the 13th Thanksgiving Cody and I have spent together- crazy how the time has flown by!


Did you catch my Ham and Potato Soup recipe that I posted earlier this week? That recipe is a favorite for sure. It’s really the only reason I agree to my husbands request for a turkey AND a ham for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone eats a ton of turkey and we always have plenty of ham leftover, so I get to make my soup! It’s a win win. If you missed the recipe I linked it here: Ham and Potato Soup It’s really good!




My third favorite from this week can be summed up in this photo:


CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS on my favorite kid!! I absolutely love all of his cute Christmas pajamas- most of them are Snoopy because I’m obsessed with Snoopy.  So cute!


This cold rainy weather is also a favorite from this week! It really help me get into that Christmas feeling when the weather is actually somewhat winter-y. Even our animals have been extra cuddly lately in an attempt to get warm.




My last favorite from the week is this cheat sheet I came across on Facebook:


My son loves his Elf, and I really do think this is a fun little tradition…but sometimes it’s a pain in the butt. I run out of ideas often, so having a quick little screenshot to peek at is helpful. Our Elf toilet papered our Christmas tree this week and Cooper thought that was pretty awesome!


That’s it for my favorites this week! Hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


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