Friday Favorites #30


Happy Friday friends!! I don’t have a lot of time because this is a crazy busy week for me, but I wanted to join Erika and her Friday Favorites link-up. So here is my random little list of favorites from this week:


My first favorite of the week is my final recap post of our trip to Disney World!! I finished Part 4 yesterday. I wrote all about our day at Disney Springs, riding in an Amphicar, and our amazing day at Epcot. Reliving the last couple days of being in a place I love, with the people I love, is my favorite.

If you missed my recap posts, you can find them all here:

Disney World Trip January 2020- Part 1

Disney World Trip January 2020- Part 2

Disney World Trip January 2020- Part 3

Disney World Trip January 2020- Part 4


I’ve been trying to do one artsy project with Cooper every week, and this week we painted our own little ceramic figurines. They’re less that $8 on Amazon:

Decorate-Your-Own Figurines Craft

He painted the dog one and I painted a little piggy bank one:

Piggy Bank Craft

Cooper was so excited to do this! He was very focused while painting:


I thought they turned out pretty cute 🙂 Spending quality time, and doing crafts together, is always a favorite ❤


This past weekend we got to have breakfast at the beach with our friends, and then we spent the rest of the day at the Aquarium of the Pacific. We had a great day! I love this aquarium- we had passes here when Cooper was a baby, and he loved this place. We hadn’t been here in a while, and it was extra fun to visit with friends. If you’re in the Long Beach area, it’s worth a stop.

All things animal related are always my favorite!


I know this has made my favorites list before, but I have to mention it again:

Rembrandt Intense Stain Removal Toothpaste

I often get asked how I keep my teeth so white, and the answer is this toothpaste. It’s hard to find at stores anymore, so I just order it from Amazon. It’s usually around $9.99. This link above is for a 2 pack for $19.69. It’s more expensive than your typical toothpaste but it REALLY works, and it doesn’t make my teeth extra sensitive. It’s my favorite toothpaste ever.


That’s it for this week! I have to keep it short and sweet- we have baseball practice to get to. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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