Friday Favorites #34

Happy Friday everyone! I’m linking up with Erika today for another edition of Friday Favorites. Here’s my list for the week:


This is an extra special Friday because today marks the last day of 2nd Grade! Cooper got to have his final class Zoom meeting today where he said good-bye to his teachers and classmates. It was bittersweet. He had a great 2nd grade experience, and I’m so sad it was cut short. However, the successful completion of another school year is a special day, so that makes it a favorite.

I had to take a traditional last day of school picture to compare it with his first day of school pic:


He has grown so much! I really saw him gain so much confidence this school year- and that is EVERYTHING to me.


My next favorite this week is dedicated to these special ladies:


Cooper’s teachers this year were awesome! We’ve always been blessed with great teachers, and this year was no different. They were so warm and so fun to be around. At first I was worried about Cooper adjusting to a 2 teacher classroom(he can take a minute to warm up to new people sometimes), but my worries were quickly eased. He felt at home in their class right away. I was lucky enough to get to help out in class once a week and I always looked forward to seeing Cooper’s teachers. I think I’ll miss them almost as much as he will. I hopped on the screen at the end of today’s Zoom meeting so I could say goodbye- and I had to hop off quickly because I was starting to ugly-cry! I hate goodbyes.


Did you catch my What’s Up Wednesday post this week? That’s my favorite link-up to join. I love clicking on the other posts and seeing what other people are blogging about. If you missed it, I’ll post the link here:

What’s Up Wednesday- May 2020


My last favorite of the week is this little gadget:

Garmin vívofit Jr. Kids Activity Tracker

I have a fitness tracker that I wear to track my steps and what not, and Cooper had been wanting one for himself. We bought it for him for Christmas, but found that I really started to come in handy after our school was closed. It’s not just for tracking steps- it also tracks active minutes, tells you child how many chores they’ve completed, how many chores they have left, it tells the time and the date, and it tracks their sleep. You can also set alarms on it as reminders, and it’s waterproof.  You set it up through an app on your phone, so you set up the “chores” and then you click the app when the chores are completed. Each Chore is worth a “coin” that will show up on the Vivofit. His “chores” are a variety of age appropriate things that he should be doing each day. It’s been a great motivator to complete school assignments. When he finishes his daily assignments I’ll click off a “chore” so he can get his coin. We designated each coin to have a ten cent value, so it’s become his little allowance.

It’s been a great little motivator for him! He learned about money this year in school, and he has been using those math skills to figure out how many coins he’ll need to save up for things he wants to buy. There’s also a mini-game on the app that he can unlock when he hits a certain goal of active minutes. He looks forward to hitting his active goal so he can play the little game(which only lasts a few minutes so I don’t have to worry about him taking over my phone). I definitely recommend these- there are all kinds of different bands you can buy to fit the taste of your kiddo.


Well guys, I think that’s going to be a wrap for this week! Thank you for reading today, and I hope you guys all have a nice weekend.


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