What’s Up Wednesday: August 2022

Hey everyone! I’ve been terrible at keeping up with my blog over here 🙈 But I have some free time while I sit in the car line for school pick-up, so I thought I’d hop on here and write a bit. Since it’s the last Wednesday of the month, I’m linking up with Shay and Schaefer for What’s Up Wednesday. If you don’t remember from my previous posts, it’s where we all answer these questions:

So here goes!

What We’re Eating

I am still cooking the Marley Spoon recipe boxes three nights a week, so that menu varies quite a bit. We’ve been ordering from Marley Spoon for over a year and a half, so clearly we like the recipes! There have been a few misses that we didn’t love, but for the most par, these meals are a hit. As I’ve said before, you definitely have to like to cook, and you need to have some experience in the kitchen to enjoy this meal kit service. I like it because it adds in a different element to our weekly menu. Because let’s face it- when you cook 5 or 6 nights a week for years and years, you run out of meal ideas!

If you’d to give Marley Spoon a try, here’s a link for a free box, plus 25% off three future boxes:


We also have been eating Sloppy Joes for dinner at least once a week because A. It’s one of Cooper’s favorite meals, and B. Because we were trying to get through our supply of ground beef. Here in Oklahoma it’s pretty common to buy your beef directly from the ranchers, and we purchased a “quarter-cow” a while back. We received a lot of ground beef, plus every other cut of beef you can imagine. We’ve actually gotten through a lot more of it than I thought we would! But next time I think we’ll make a smaller order.

Anyway, I make our Sloppy Joes with a can of good old Manwich, plus a generous pour of Worchestershire sauce into the meat mixture for extra flavor. Then we eat them on hamburger buns with Mayonnaise… which might be weird? I’m not sure if everyone eats their Sloppy Joes with Mayonnaise or not. It’s how I grew up eating them though and I love Mayonnaise! Let me know how you make them- I’m curious to see!

What I’m Reminiscing About

This popped up in my memories on Facebook this week:

It’s been two years since we set out on the road for our big move to Oklahoma! It’s hard to believe two years have gone by so quickly. It doesn’t even feel like one year. But seeing pictures of our old house makes me reminisce about all the fun memories we made there with our family and friends. Great parties, fun holidays, SO many amazing memories. The house was just a rental, but boy did I love it.

What I’m Loving

Getting back into a routine! I miss Cooper like crazy when he’s at school, but it’s nice to be back on a regular schedule.

I’ve also been loving how happy and excited Cooper is at pick-up every day! He is loving 5th grade! He has so much to tell me about school everyday.

What We’ve Been Up To

We have had a busy month! We took a quick trip to Texas at the end of July/beginning of August to see the amazing GARTH BROOKS in concert!!

Cody bought me the tickets as my big Christmas present, and finally the day came! We stayed in Texas over the weekend and made a little family getaway out of it.

Garth was amazing! He put on such a great show. He played for more than three hours-with no breaks! It was such a great concert. I cried at least five times. It was just unreal!

It was also Cooper’s first concert EVER, and I think he’s got some pretty good bragging rights to stand on!

Next thing you know, it was the first day of 5th Grade for my best kid.

He walked in like it was no big deal! He was happy to find that he had a few friends in his class that he knew from last year. I’m so grateful he has liked his new school so much! We left a school he loved in California, so it’s nice that he loves this one as well!

The weekend after school started back up, we took off for another roadtrip! This time my brother and my nephews came along too! We piled into Cody’s SUV and drove to Kansas City to see my Dodgers play the Royals!!

It was so nice to see the Dodgers play! I hadn’t been to a Dodger game since 2019, and for most of my life I’ve seen them at least once a year. It’s a tradition I had definitely missed!

Kauffman Stadium was really nice, the people were great, there were a ton of Dodger fans, we got to see back-to-back homeruns, and the Dodgers won, 13-3.

We also visited the Sealife Aquarium while we were there and Cooper we had a great time!

It was the first time the boys have been on a roadtrip together-and and to see them laughing and having fun is a memory I won’t forget.

We also took our first trip to the Spirit Halloween Store! 🎃

We are so ready for Halloween!!

Despite the heat, we went for a hike at the Martin Park Nature Center:

We’ve also been visiting our favorite neigh-bors every week:

What I’m Dreading

At the moment, nothing.

What I’m Working On

I’ve been really busy with yard work lately! I planted a few new things and have been working on getting it looking it’s best. It’s been an unusually hot summer, so I neglected it during the crazy heatwave and I’m playing catch-up now.

What I’m Excited About

I’m excited about September!! It’s my favorite month and it holds so many of my favorite events! Cooper’s birthday, my birthday, our wedding anniversary, and FALL!! I can’t wait- it’s going to be a great month!

What I’m Watching/Reading

We just finished the latest season of Stranger Things this weekend. I loved it! We started it about a month ago, but got so busy we never finished the season. So this weekend we binge watched the rest. Cooper loved it too- I was worried because this season was extra scary, but he was totally into it.

So I know I’m a few years late to the party, but I also watched Big Little Lies this month. I LOVED it. It was such a great series- I watched both seasons and I wish they would make more. The story line grabbed me instantly! The cast is great too. Interesting characters, great acting, it keeps you guessing, it’s got it all. If you haven’t watched it you totally should!

We also watched the ESPN documentary about Derek Jeter called The Captain. It was great. I love Derek Jeter and my husband is obsessed with the Yankees, so we couldn’t miss it. We were lucky enough to be in New York in 2014 for Derek Jeter last home stand at Yankee Stadium. Here’s a picture of 3 year old Cooper from before the game:

Jeter is such an inspiration for always putting your best effort into everything you do and he was always fun to watch. I thought his parents were really interesting too. If you are a fan of his or a fan of baseball in general, give it a watch.

Book wise I read Summer Island by Kristin Hannah. I didn’t love it. I have read two other books written by her that I loved, so I thought I’d like this one, but it was super boring and drawn out. I won’t link it because it isn’t worth your time. But I WILL link the other two that I read of hers from a few months back. They’re great books:

The Four Winds

The Nightingale

Both are historical fiction, and I learned so much from these books. They will probably make you cry, but they are both great!

What I’m Listening To:

Currently, my car AC blasting as I wait in the pickup line at school. I get to school pretty early. I don’t mind the wait- I’ll read or watch something on my phone.

What I’m Wearing:

Nothing new. I haven’t bought clothes in months! I think the last thing I bought myself was a bathing suit. I really do love the suit though! It’s a two piece, tankini style, and it comes in a ton of different prints. I wore it constantly this summer and it’s still in good shape!

Women’s Halter Tankini

The price varies by print, but all of the suits are less than $34.

What I’m Doing This Weekend:

Cooper doesn’t have school on Friday, so we get a four day weekend! We’ll do something fun Friday, we’re celebrating one of Cooper’s best friend’s birthday on Saturday, we’ll be relaxing on Sunday, and on Monday our community is having an end-of-summer pool party with a bounce house, a food truck, and a waterslide!

We are looking forward to it all!

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month:

I already mentioned it above, but I’m looking forward to celebrating my birthday, Cooper’s birthday, and our wedding anniversary! September is a special month full of celebrating for us 💗


Well guys, I guess that’s it! Thanks for reading my What’s Up Wednesday post! I hope you are having a great week! If you blog too, don’t forget to link up through Shay’s page.

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