Our Halloween House 2022

Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope you had a fun weekend and I hope you have fun plans for tonight. In honor of one of my favorite holidays, I thought I’d do a little post to show you guys our Halloween decor. It’s a bit over the top as usual, but Cooper loves Halloween so we do it up big at our house. So let’s take a look!

Most of our decor is in our living room:

We also have our Halloween dining room centerpiece:

Our entryway table:

Even our guest bathroom is decorated!

Our mudroom/laundry room:

And other little various touches throughout the house:

Of course the outside of our house is decorated too:

Our Jack-o-lanterns are freshly carved and ready to be glowing in our front yard tonight!

That about wraps it up! Like I said, we do it up big at our house. It’s a lot of work putting up all this stuff, but it makes Cooper so happy, and it makes October feel more festive and cozy! Hope you enjoyed taking a look around. Thanks for reading today- and I hope you all have a very happy Halloween! 🎃

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