Friday Favorites #4


Happy Friday everyone!! Once again I’m linking up with Erika for another edition of Friday Favorites. I hope you all had a great week- we’re inching closer and closer to Summer Break and I can hardly wait! Here is my little list of things I’m loving this week.


Teachers!! Of course most everyone knows that this week was Teacher Appreciation Week. I have such fond memories of the amazing teachers I had growing up. They influenced me in so many different, positive ways. I was truly blessed with some incredible teachers all throughout Elementary School, Jr. High, and High School. I also have many friends that are teachers, plus my Father-in-law was a teacher for 30+ years! My point is I think teachers are awesome and they work so hard, they definitely deserve to be spoiled this week.

My son’s Kindergarten teacher this year has been incredible. He’s fun and kindhearted, with a true talent for connecting with the kids. He really makes learning fun! I wanted to do something special for him that would have sentimental value. I found a simple print out on-line and bought some stamp pads. Luckily I was helping with a hand print painting project in class a couple weeks ago- so getting their little fingerprints was easy! I bought an  inexpensive frame frame to put it in and it came out great!


I also made a “Thank you for being a great teacher” worksheet. With help from the other Mom’s, I was able to get them filled out and collected. Then I put them all in a binder for him. The kids did a great job on these!



We also wanted to give a gift from us personally and I found the perfect piece through my friend Megan’s Etsy shop:


I thought it turned out SO cute. You can check out her Dream Crafterz shop here on Facebook or here on Etsy. You’ll find lots of cute stuff! Showing teachers they are appreciated was definitely a favorite this week.


I went to Target today and found lots of new favorites! They have a ton of Mickey Mouse stuff going on right now:


I was so excited to see all of it! I had to buy a few things:


Mickey Mouse is always a favorite! I heard that there’s even a Mickey Mouse dog bed- I have to get one of those for my little Minnie Mouse. She loves her dog beds!



I found this cool calendar for Cooper:

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Calendar With 134 Magnets

He already knows his days of the week and months of the year obviously. But I want him to become aware of more than that. Like what days certain things happen. Things like baseball practice, baseball games, when homework is due, birthday parties that are coming up, the last day of school, how many days until vacation, etc. This calendar comes with a ton of different magnets so you can customize each month. We hung it in our pantry and he crosses off each day as they go by.


I thought it was cute, cheap, educational, and useful. So that makes it a favorite!


Brunch!!!! Tomorrow I get to hang out with my girls and celebrate Noreen’s birthday! We are all so busy with work, kids, life, etc. We don’t get together nearly enough. So whenever I get the chance to see these girls I get super excited. Here we are at Noreen’s Birthday brunch last year- we had such a fun day!


I’m so grateful for all my friendships and these girls are super special to me. Spending time with my people and drinking Mimosas is an all time favorite for sure!

Well I think that about wraps up my little list of favorites from this week! I hope you all have a great weekend and to all the Mamas out there, I hope you  have a great Mother’s Day!



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