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Hi friends!! Life has been crazy busy lately! I have an Epcot post I’ve been working on here and there but blogging has taken a backseat to the May “crazies”. We have has so much going on lately AND this is my busiest time of the year for work. There just hasn’t been much of any spare time. So here’s a quick little look into life lately.



This boy finished up his first Spring season of baseball! Two games a week, plus practice once or twice a week, kept us very busy! He had such a good experience with his coaches and his teammates. I was so proud of the progress he made, but most importantly he learned a lot and had fun! The Coach and his wife put together a great End-of-Season party for the kids at the local bowling alley. They bowled a couple games, had pizza, and played in the Arcade.


Then at the end of the party, Cooper got a surprise that he was VERY excited about. His first Trophy!!! He has been wanting to get a trophy for so long, and he had no idea this was coming. So to say he was happy would be an understatement. He even kissed his trophy after his coach handed it to him!


Last Field Trip of the Year

Cooper’s class got to go on their third and final Field Trip this month. It was to a local nature sanctuary. We got to go on a nature hike, test the water of a local pond, paint a charm for a necklace, see some wildlife close up, and pet a snake!

It was a really fun day, we had beautiful weather, and best of all we got to be outside!

Birthday Fun

We were able to celebrate the birthdays of two of our friends this month! First we met for brunch to celebrate the birthday of my awesome friend Noreen. We met for brunch at Orange Hill – a restaurant that overlooks Orange County. We sat outside to enjoy the view. Good food and Mimosas with my favorite people- what more can you want? It was a fun day.


The following weekend we made it to the birthday party of Cooper’s old Pre-School friend. It was at an indoor laser tag place, so of course that was fun for him. We had to leave early to make it to his baseball game but he had a great time.

Kindergarten Carnival

For the end of the year Cooper’s class and one of the other Kindergarten classes, got to join together and have a Kindergarten Carnival! The whole thing was put on by the parents. We had to collect money donations, prize and candy donations, organize and host the activity booths, buy decorations, food, treats, etc. It was a ton of prep work! Then on the morning of the carnival we had to get to school super early and set everything up. My husband and I hosted a bean bag toss game. Some of the other activity booths were a tattoo station, musical chairs, ping pong toss, face painting, silly string, rubber ducky, tin-can knock down, and others. We even had a balloon animal artist come in for a couple hours! Needless to say, the kids had a blast! They played games, won prizes, ate a ton of candy, and pizza and had fun. It was exhausting but totally worth all the work. We got to be a part of a day that I’m sure they’ll always remember.



Field Day

Then a few days after the Carnival, the school held their annual Field Day. So that means lots of fun games played outside for the entire school. They had all kinds of different activity stations all over the place and the classes cycled through each one. The kids had a blast, we got to spend a few hours outside in the sunshine, and it was another fun day.


Memorial Weekend

I had to work all weekend, so we decided to drive out to San Juan Capistrano for a family day on Monday. We love it there. We had a delicious lunch, then visited our favorite little petting zoo Zoomars. We fed the animals, hung out with the guinea pigs, panned for gold, and Coop even did some horseback riding. Then we grabbed some cookies and frozen yogurt before heading home. It was a great day. If you are in the Southern California area and you haven’t visited the historic downtown area of San Juan Capistrano I highly recommend it. Kids love going to Zoomars- it’s low key and small with lots to do.

So that’s a quick snap-shot of our life lately. It’s been busy, but fun. This week we’ll be seeing Cooper graduate from Kindergarten! If you see me on the verge of tears and acting overly emotional, now you know why! I can’t believe how quickly this school year has flown by. But I’m sure I’ll find myself saying that every year! Hope you are all having a great week! Thanks for stopping by.


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