Last Day of School!!

It’s finally here!! The last day of school!! We are SO ready for Summer Break around here. I’m looking forward to sleeping in, staying up late, and most importantly being homework free!!! #canigetanamen


It’s been a long school year! First Grade was a lot of work! I love our school, and I know we are very lucky to be zoned for such a highly rated elementary school, but boy do they make these kids work EXTRA hard! So I’m going to make sure Cooper has his fill of fun this summer. He has definitely earned it!

Here is a side by side pic of the first day of the school year, and the last:


He’s grown so much!! He’s as skinny as ever, but he definitely shot up a few inches. Academically he’s grown even more. He’s reading like crazy, his writing skills are great, and he’s become a little math wiz.

Goodbye First Grade! It was a great year! Hello Summer Break!!!




Happy Summer friends! 😉


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