Friday Favorites #17

Happy first Friday of Summer Break friends! Today I’m linking up with Erika for a quick little round-up of my favorite things for this week. Here goes!


My first favorite is going to have to be the end of the school year! I wrote a little about the last day of school here in case you missed it:

Last Day of School!!

Coop had a great last day, and we went to an awesome end-of-year party right after school! It was a big party with a water slide, a playground, cotton candy, tacos, water balloons, corn-hole, funnel cakes, birthday cake, and our friends! It was the perfect kickoff to Summer 😊


I know it has made my Favorites list before, but Knott’s Berry Farm is a favorite again this week! When we asked Cooper what he wanted to do for his first day of Summer Break, Knott’s is what he requested. They recently opened the new Calico River Rapids ride so he’s been wanting to check it out. We rode it first thing and it was great! We got pretty soaked, but we dried off quickly. We really liked that there’s a lot more “wildlife” on the ride, and it felt like they made the ride a bit faster. Also, outside of the Calico Rapids ride, along the walkway, there are these little “TNT boxes” that have levers you can push down. When you push them down, water explosions happen on the ride! Cooper really loved “getting people”! We had a fun day at Knott’s and even ran into some friends of ours.



This little Pre-School Graduate is definitely a favorite this week! This is my baby nephew Kingston, and he had his graduation last night. It was such a cute ceremony and he was so excited! I can’t believe he’s going to be in Kindergarten this Fall!



Being outdoors has been a favorite this week! The weather has been gorgeous. We went for a hike this week and we’ve been spending a ton of time outside enjoying the warmth.


Cooper has been very excited to tell everyone about our “new pets” this week! 😆 We have Aqua Dragons!

World Alive Aqua Dragons Jurassic Time Travel

Now, when I was a kid they were called Sea Monkeys, but these are basically the same thing. Ours are still in that almost-invisible, just-hatched stage, but Cooper is very excited about them. So that makes them a favorite.


That’s going to do it for this week guys! Hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

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