Friday Favorites #18


Happy Friday everyone!! Today I’m linking up with the Andrea from the Momfessionals blog, to talk about my current favorite: SUMMER BREAK!! By the way, happy first day of Summer friends! Here’s a peek into what we’ve been up to these last couple of weeks:


We took a day trip down to San Diego to check out the San Diego Natural History Museum . We had a great time exploring and learning. We spent about 3 hours here. It was a great trip! Cooper asked to go back the very next day, so I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed it.


We bought a microscope for Cooper and we had some fun checking out plant leaves, flower petals, onion skin, etc. He thought this was pretty great!

Here is a link to the microscope we bought.

Kids First Microscope

It was less than $30- money well spent if you ask me! Keeping him entertained and teaching him at the same time 🙂

We also spent some time organizing his rock collection. He has a pretty great collection! He picked out a bunch as souvenirs when we went to Zion National Park a couple years ago, and he likes to frequent the geode shop when we go to Knott’s Berry Farm.

I love that he loves this stuff!


We went to Dana Point to go on a 2 hour Whale Watching tour. We didn’t see any whales- but we saw lots of dolphins and some sea lions, so we were happy. It was a gorgeous day and it was so nice to be out on the water. I highly recommend doing this if you live local or are visiting Southern  California. It always makes for a fun day!

After the tour we drove to the Irvine Spectrum to grab dinner. We saw this amazing car/truck/SUV thing so we had to grab some pictures in front of it!

It’s called a Rezvani Tank and it has 707 horsepower, and it’s bulletproof! It’s featured in the new Men In Black movie, so I guess that’s why it was on display.

We also stopped by Honey and Butter for some amazing macarons. This shop is so cute!

If you are at the Irvine Spectrum go here!!! You will not regret it! They have flavors like Fruity Pebbles, French Toast, Churro, Matcha, Milk and Honey, and more. They are the best macarons I’ve ever had.


There was a car show in our area this last Saturday so we invited our friends and family over. We had some appetizers and then went to the car show. It was great! There were a bunch of cool cars, the kids got free balloon swords, free face painting, and they got to play a bean bag toss game where they won a free prize. We took our time walking around and checking all the cars out. Then we all headed back to our house for a Father’s Day weekend BBQ.

After we ate, we pulled out this fun little game called Lightning Reaction and we all took a turn playing….and screaming! This game is hilarious and fun, and just a little bit painful! I think every house should own one 😉

Lightning Reaction


We went to Knott’s Berry Farm this week to help our friends break in their new passes!! We had the BEST time! The park wasn’t too crowded and it was a beautiful day.


This week Cooper has been going to day camp! He did the same camp last year and had a great time so we signed him up again this year. They play games, sing songs, and have a blast. Each day has a different dress up theme too! The kids all learn some lines for a little theater performance at the end of the week. Cooper isn’t a super extroverted type kid, so I originally signed him up last year to sort of push him out of his comfort zone. I also don’t want him to fear being on stage or public speaking, the way that I do. So I figure if he has enough exposure to these type of experiences as a young child, he’ll get more comfortable with it. Luckily he has a blast doing this camp and a bunch of his friends signed up for the same week! Their big performance is tonight 🙂


My last favorite of the week is just a sweet thing my kid did. We have this Melissa & Doug Calendar and we use it to fill in what Cooper has going on each month and whatnot. I noticed that he wrote a cute little thing on there the other day:

On June 24th he wrote Mom Appreciation Day(well, he spelled appreciation wrong but he’s 7). I thought that was so dang cute. And yes, he seriously is that sweet. Love my boy so much!


That’s going to be it for my Favorites this week! I’ve got a theater performance to get to! Hope you all have a great weekend!


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