Our Big Move to Oklahoma!

Hey guys! We made it to Oklahoma! I’m typing this from a hotel room 5 minutes away from our new house. Our movers will finally be here tomorrow morning with all of our stuff! I am so excited to get unpacked and settled into our beautiful, new home! The waiting has been killing me. I’ve been trying to enjoy the downtime since I know next week is going to be crazy busy.  Here’s a little re-cap of how our move has gone so far:

Moving Prep

Once we had confirmation that escrow was looking good, and we were set to close on our house, I started calling moving companies. I went with the major companies that I was familiar with like Mayflower, Allied, and United. I provided them with some information and then each company set an appointment to have someone come out to our house and give us a moving estimate. I also give them our preferred move in date and they let me know what their delivery window looked like during that time. One of the companies gave me a 2 to 3 week delivery window! The lady I spoke with explained that they are extremely busy this time of year, and they have a lot of people moving out of California, and not a lot moving in…but still- 3 weeks without our furniture and household items?? Needless to say, I didn’t go with that company!

When the representatives come out for our moving estimate they looked at ALL of our stuff- I’m talking our entire garage, our kitchen cabinets, our closets, bathrooms, and obviously our furniture. They then give us a quote based upon the estimated weight of all of our stuff. The weights were really similar between the different companies we got our quotes from. We ended up going with Mayflower, because the rep included the packing of our televisions and other large fragile items. I really liked how thorough the representative was in his estimate.

We had given our landlord our 30 day notice on August 1st so we set our moving day for August 28th. The weeks leading up to that day were filled with lots of packing and organizing. We made multiple trips to Salvation Army to donate clothes we no longer needed, and home decor items too. We also had to sell some things to downsize a bit. Our California home was WAY too big for us at almost 3700 square feet, and we were preparing to move into a 2750 square foot home. So we had to sell a couch, a trundle bed set, a play table, futon, etc. By the end of the month our garage and house were FULL of boxes, and our house was looking pretty empty.

The day before moving day, Mayflower sent some guys over to remove our TV’s from their wall brackets and get them safely packed along with other fragile items that needed to be packed in a special way. That night felt so weird to be in our house without a television!

Moving Day

The next morning our movers arrived bright and early! They worked fast and had our house completely loaded onto the trucks in about 5 hours. There was a crew of 5 guys and they were great. Very careful and cautious- I felt like our house was in good hands.

After they left, it was so strange to see our house completely empty. It felt so sad to me! Luckily, just as the sadness started to set in, my friend stopped by to bring us rice crispy treats for our drive. That definitely cheered me up. We talked and visited for about an hour. When she left, I cried and cried though. I knew I’d have a hard time leaving, but it hit me really hard in that moment. The fact that I’d never be in that house ever again broke my heart. No more holidays there, birthday parties, Super Bowl parties, etc. We made so many happy memories in that house with our friends and family! I will always miss it.

Leaving California

That night we stayed at a hotel nearby. Our friends met up with us at the shopping center near our hotel. We walked around and visited while the kids played Pokemon Go. It was a nice ending to a hard day.

Then the next morning we went back to the house to load up the stuff we’d be needing for our trip. While we were gathering our things, I heard a knock at the door. Our friends had stopped by to send us off! That made me cry again, of course! It was so nice to visit with them quickly before we got on the road. I was also able to “re-home” two of my house plants that I didn’t want to leave behind, but couldn’t fit in my car.

After they left, we loaded our cars: Luggage and plants in Cody’s car. Two dogs, a cat and a kid in mine!

We said goodbye to our house and we hit the road towards our first stop- Williams, AZ. We needed to be in Oklahoma by Tuesday, so we decided to break our drive up into 3 days, with our drive time being around 6 hours each day. I felt like any longer than 6 hours would be too hard on our pets.

I was especially worried about our cat in the car, but she ended up doing SO great! She meowed a ton the first hour of our drive, but after that she was completely fine. We had bought this little cat carrier thing for her(it came with a travel size litter box that goes inside of it). If you are traveling by car with your cat, I highly recommend this thing.

Pet Fit For Life Extra Large (32″x19″x19″)Portable Cat Cage with Portable Litter Box

It also helped that she was in the backseat with Cooper- he is her favorite human ❤

I was also worried about my oldest dog Minnie. She’s almost 14 years old and she usually hates being in the car. She shakes nervously, pants like crazy, and in the past has even been so freaked out she has thrown up. We stopped taking her with us on road trips years ago because she is such a nervous wreck. My friend Noreen works for VetCBD and she suggested I try it out on Minnie in hopes that it would help her travel a little better. I was skeptical, but I thought it was worth a shot. Let me tell you- I am a huge believer now! It made a world of difference! She was calm and content the entire trip. I still can’t believe how great she’s been this whole time. The VetCBD was a total game changer.

Thank you VetCBD!!

Road Trip

Our drive went really smoothly and the time passed quickly. We stopped a couple of times to walk the dogs, and stretch our legs. I had downloaded some movies onto my phone on Disney+ and Netflix, so Cooper watched those. When we were in the middle of nowhere without cell service, I was grateful I had downloaded the movies ahead of time. 

That night, we stayed at the Best Western Plus Inn of Williams. It was nice and clean, and most importantly, pet friendly. Callie(our cat) was happy to be out of the carrier. She explored the room and then sat in the window the rest of the night.

We ordered dinner from the hotel restaurant and they brought it to our room. The food was a bit pricey, but it was good.

The next morning we woke up early, got ready, and hit the road. We were heading to Santa Rosa, New Mexico but first we wanted to make a pit stop at one of our favorite places- BEARIZONA!!

We had our dogs and our cat in the car with us, so we were only able to do the drive-thru portion of the park, but it was still super fun! I made a deal with Cooper that if we’re ever in the vicinity of Bearizona, we’ll always stop for a visit. 

We got a really close up view of so many bison and black bears! This place will never get old.

We left Bearizona and traveled on towards New Mexico. It was a really uneventful day of driving and stopping only for fast food, gas, and a few breaks in between. We stayed in Santa Rosa, NM for the night. As far as I can tell, the only things in Santa Rosa are a few big chain hotels and fast food restaurants. Not much else…


The next morning we woke up early and got on the road for our final day of driving! After about 6 hours on the road we made it to our new house!!

It felt so great to finally see our house in person again! I’ve spent the last month obsessively looking at pictures of it. It was bigger than I’d remembered it, and so pretty. I am completely in love with the kitchen and I can’t wait to cook in it!

Our master bathroom is probably my second favorite part- I’ve never seen a bathtub like this one! It’s huge!


After dropping off some of our things at the house, we drove down the street to our hotel. We checked in with our dogs, but we decided Callie would be happier at our house, so we left her there. We’ve been at a Hilton Home 2 You Suites property. Our room is nice and really spacious. We have a kitchenette and we bought some groceries so we’re not eating out for every meal. It’s been nice, but I just want to get moved into our house already!

We have been keeping busy with things at the house like our internet installation, alarm system installation, and appliance deliveries. I also took Cooper swimming at our community pool and we met some really nice neighbors there. Plus we drive over to the house a couple times each day just to visit our cat.

We’ve enjoyed visiting some of the local restaurants- there are SO many places to eat out here! I seriously can’t get over it! So far, we’ve had dinner at Bricktown Brewery, Charlston’s, and Louie’s this week. We really enjoyed the views from Louie’s– it sits right on Hefner Lake and it’s SO pretty there!

We have been waiting patiently for our stuff to arrive. I know for the next couple of weeks I’m going to be a stressed-out mess with unpacking and organizing, so I have REALLY been trying to relax and enjoy the downtime.

Next time you hear from me, we’ll be getting settled into the new place. Wish me luck!

Thanks for following along on our moving adventure!

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