Cooper is 10!!

Today is Cooper’s 10th birthday!! I can’t believe that it’s been ten years since the day my sweet little baby came into this world. In so many ways it feels like he was just born a few years ago! Yet at the same time it’s hard to really remember my life before him. He has been the hugest blessing, and has made the last 10 years the greatest years of my life. I hope that one day, when he reads all my sappy posts about him, or sees the millions of pictures of him on my Instagram and Facebook, I hope that he knows that he is SO loved. Loved more than words could ever have the capacity to express. He is the absolute joy of my life and his Dad and I are so grateful that we get to be his parents. So on this special day we will definitely be celebrating our boy and this new year in his life!

Since he is turning 10, I thought I would start off with 10 facts about Cooper, followed by 10 questions for a 10 year old!

10 Facts About Cooper

  1. He makes friends really easily! I think kids are just drawn to his nice, easy going personality. He came home from his first week at his new school with three of his classmate’s Roblox codes so they could play online together. He also had a birthday invitation from a classmate the first week of school. I thought the whole class had received invites, but no, just Cooper and one other student. I was worried about him making friends at his new school, but my worries were gone after that first week.
  2. He is becoming a little daredevil! He has always loved roller-coasters, but now he’s all about the fastest, biggest, coasters, with the most loops. He also loves those rope-courses where you walk on structures way up high attached to a harness. He also loved the zip-line we did this summer and keeps asking to do that again. Even at the Oklahoma State Fair he did the big jump off the platform thing onto the cushion below. He’s definitely my little thrill seeker!
  3. He is still obsessed with Halloween! His favorite day of the year is probably the day I unpack our crates of Halloween decor. We have a ridiculous amount of stuff, mostly because he begs us to buy Halloween stuff as his birthday presents. So over the years we have acquired a giant collection. From late September to November 1st, our house looks like a Halloween Store threw up in it. Speaking of Halloween stores, we visit them multiple times throughout the season.
  4. He is resilient. We have had a big year, with lots of changes and challenges and he has taken it all in stride. No complaining, no whining, no attitude.
  5. He is still my sweet little side kick. He’ll choose a boring activity with me over a fun activity with anyone else every single time. If I’m not going, he won’t want to go either. I know this will end one day, so I’m soaking it up now.
  6. He loves Topgolf. He would go there every week if he could.
  7. He loves video games. Roblox is his favorite, but we play a lot of Plants vs. Zombies together and we also play the old school Super Mario Bros. 3 together. I never finished the game as a kid, and Cooper and I are currently at Level 7 out of 8. Hopefully we’ll conquer it soon!
  8. He is a huge animal lover. Especially our two dogs and our cat, but all animals in general.
  9. His favorite animal is a wolf. He did a report on wolves last year and learned so much.
  10. His Favorite theme park is Dollywood. We went for the first time this summer and he loved it!

10 Questions for a 10 Year Old

  1. What is your favorite movie/show? Favorite movie: The Secret Life of Pets. Favorite show: Wild Kratts
  2. What is your favorite food? Bacon
  3. What is your favorite candy? Ferrero Rocher
  4. What are you afraid of? Getting lost
  5. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
  6. Where do you want to live when you grow up? Tennessee or Florida
  7. Who are your best friends? Lucas and Brandon
  8. What do you want to be when you grow up? A dog walker
  9. If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go? Universal Studios, Orlando to ride the new ride VelociCoaster!
  10. What’s your favorite color? Cyan

Well, there you have it! Ten random facts all about Cooper, and ten questions for the birthday boy too.. Thanks for reading along- now we are off to celebrate our big kid!

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