Cooper is 9!!

Happy Monday friends! Today is our sweet Cooper's 9th birthday! I love this day so much- if there's anyone worth celebrating it's Cooper. We traveled back to California this past weekend and had his birthday party at my moms house. To see him laugh and smile all day made all the traveling 100% worth it. … Continue reading Cooper is 9!!

Jurassic World Birthday Party!

Hey everyone! Over the weekend we celebrated Cooper's birthday by throwing him a Jurassic World themed party at our house. We had lots of friends and family over to help us celebrate. It was a fun day! We decorated the entry into our house with some inflatable dinosaurs and a Jurassic World sign with some … Continue reading Jurassic World Birthday Party!

Friday Favorites: Cooper is 8!!

Happy Friday friends ! Since Cooper's 8th birthday is tomorrow, I thought I'd do a Friday Favorites/All About Cooper post! I'll be linking up with Erika today too. Here goes: one He hates french fries. Won't touch them. I think he's the only kid on the planet who doesn't like fries! When we go out … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Cooper is 8!!