What’s Up Wednesday- September 2020

Hey everyone! It's the last Wednesday of the month so I'm linking up with Shay for another edition of What's Up Wednesday. Every month we answer these questions: So here we go! What We're Eating This Week: Well, we spent Monday and Tuesday on a road trip, so mostly we ate out. However, I am … Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday- September 2020

Disney’s California Adventure

Three days before Disney announced the closures of their California parks, we were lucky enough to spend the at Disney's California Adventure! Since then, the parks have been closed due to concerns over the Coronavirus pandemic. As of right now, the parks are officially closed until April 1st, but it is assumed that the closures … Continue reading Disney’s California Adventure

What’s Up Wednesday- June 2019

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I'm linking up with Scheaffer for this month's edition of What's Up Wednesday. It's a fun little link-up where we answer these questions: If you blog be sure to linkup too! Okay, so here goes: What we're eating: I've been trying to eat lighter lately because it's summer. So it's been … Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday- June 2019