Summer Road Trip 2019: Part 3

Hey everyone! Today will be the third installment re-capping our Summer road trip. I already covered days 1-7 in my other posts. If you missed those you can click the links here to get caught up: Summer Road Trip 2019: Part 1 Summer Road Trip 2019: Part 2 In this post I'll be recapping days … Continue reading Summer Road Trip 2019: Part 3


What’s Up Wednesday- June 2019

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I'm linking up with Scheaffer for this month's edition of What's Up Wednesday. It's a fun little link-up where we answer these questions: If you blog be sure to linkup too! Okay, so here goes: What we're eating: I've been trying to eat lighter lately because it's summer. So it's been … Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday- June 2019