Friday Favorites #5


Happy Friday everyone!! This is a late in the day post, but it’s been a busy Friday! I’m linking up once again with Erika for another edition of Friday Favorites. It’s been a crazy, busy, but awesome week. Hope it was a great one for you as well. Here’s my random list of favorites from this week:


Graduation!! My sweet little guy is officially done with Kindergarten! We had a week filled with fun activities. Actually, the fun started last week- if you missed my This and That post from earlier in the week you can check that out here. This week was his very first “theater” performance- he was a straw peddler in the Three Piggy Opera. It was adorable seeing all the kids do this little play. Here is a peek of him in costume:



After their play they had their big Graduation ceremony. I bought little Graduation caps for the class and they were just perfect for their little Kindergarten-sized heads! If you click that link highlighted in the last sentence, you can get $10 off plus free shipping on orders over $49 through Oriental Trading Company. I love that website when I’m looking for goodies for class parties and such. Here’s a pick of Coop in his Graduation cap:


So cute! One of the other Mom’s made all the kids candy leis so they were all decked out for their big day. These graduation caps were definitely a favorite!


Another favorite from this week were these t-shirts:

Straight Outta Kindergarten Graduation Shirt Gift Boy & Girl

It was a last minute idea, but thanks to quick delivery, we got them in time. It was fun to have their little group of friends in matching shirts! There were 8 or 9 kids wearing them and they looked soooo cute!


If you want to read more about his Graduation you can check out my post here. We also had an end of the school year party today at an indoor play place and they had such a blast. All the Graduation fun was definitely a favorite this week!


Butterflies!! A few months ago Cooper was learning about insects and they did a butterfly kit in their class. We wanted to do one on our own at home so we bought this kit:

Insect Lore Deluxe Butterfly Garden with Live Cup of Caterpillars and Feeding Habitat Kit

You feed the caterpillars the food stuff, wait for them to form their chrysalis, then hang the chrysalis inside the tent thing. We started our kit a few weeks ago:


It was really cool to see how fast the caterpillars grow! They also spin this silk stuff and that’s how they attach to the roof of the cups to form the chrysalis. Cooper thought it was very cool to watch how quickly they changed. This week we got to see them emerge as butterflies! After one day, you set them free. We had a lot of fun watching them fly away.



If you have a child that’s interested in nature or insects, this will most definitely be a favorite of theirs as well. Who doesn’t like butterflies?We really enjoyed it!


Summer Break!!!!! The school year is over! I am SO excited for all the summer fun we have planned! It will be nice to have a couple months where life is not tied to a schedule of early wake-ups and school drop-offs and pick-ups. We can spend our days on our schedule(for the most part) and I see lots of beach days in our future. Summer break is an all time favorite!

Well guys, I think that’s going to wrap up my list of favorites for this week. I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by 😊


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