Christmas Time Fun! Part 2

This was weekend two of Christmas crazy…and we’re not done yet! Friday we headed straight to Long Beach after school to meet up with our friends. We had tickets to ride the Big Red Bus to see all the Christmas Lights around Naples and Alamitos Bay! We met for dinner first and the kids were pumped!


After a very quick dinner we loaded onto the bus. It’s an awesome double-decker bus and we had seats for the top level. We road all around Naples which is a cute little neighborhood in Long Beach. The streets are all on these islands, divided by canals so it’s really picturesque- especially when all the homes are decorated for Christmas. There was even a guy on board playing Christmas Carols on his guitar, so we got to have a sing along too. It was a fun night!



On Saturday we headed straight to the bowling alley for Riley’s 8th birthday! We spent the day bowling and playing in the arcade. The kids had a great time! After that we spent the evening at Dave and Busters and then went to visit friends in Huntington Beach-it was a busy day!



Sunday morning we got up early to meet our friends at Legends in Long Beach. This is the 6th year in a row of our Legends Sunday tradition. We always plan it for a Sunday near Christmas, and we watch football all day and do our gift exchange. This year, we did a White Elephant gift exchange and Cody won the BEST gift- we even had people coming over to our table to find out where it was from! It’s the Lightning Reaction Reloaded – Shocking Game and it’s so hilarious! There are these handles that up to 4 people at a time can hold. Each handle has button on the top. The base has a light that flashes green when you start the round. As soon as the light turns red you have to quickly press the button on the handle- the last one to push their button gets shocked!! So if you have slow reflexes, you may get shocked a lot! The guys had a lot of fun with this.


It was a fun day spent with the people we love- and we got to meet Pancho and Sarah’s new baby girl Karina. She’s just barely a month old and she’s so cute! We love our Legends Sunday tradition!




We had a great weekend- hope you did too! Thanks for stopping by!


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